Владимир Носов


We are happy to see you on our site, which deals with a conflicts of the last half-century. We take a task to publish and disseminate data about how religious, political and social conflicts of our world arise, developing, how they ended (if this is so) and which methods used and which works in their resolution.

We go online 1 January 2008, and continue to work in Minsk and St. Petersburg.

Editor-in-chief Vladimir Nosov (Belarus)
Editorial Board: Sergei Pischulin (Russia), Peter Knopf (Germany), Yevgeny Ponamarchuk (Ukraine), Sergei Stroev (Finland)
Scientific consultant and Chief of Reviewers Group Denis Alexeev (Russia)
Scientific consultant Yevgeny Golynsky (Belarus)
Contributing editor Alexander Zakharov (Belarus)

Feel free to copy any article or part of article published here if you place active link on the source or properly credited site. You can always send us any inquires or notices about copiyng via our email conflictologist@yandex.ru.

Yours sincerely, Vladimir.

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